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Fundraising & Team Set Up

Each Rescue Run 5k participant will have the ability to set up a Team, Join a Team and/or Fundraise. Help us rescue more dogs! The Rescue Run 5k allows us to save dogs year round and we can’t do it without donations and support.  


We have prizes for Top Fundraisers, both Individuals and Teams and sweet schwag for various fundraising levels and milestones. So gather up some friends and family and make it a team-effort.


If you have already registered for the race and want to access your fundraising page to edit it or send it to friends/families, click here or on the "Runner Login" button on the top right hand corner of the screen. (Use the email you used when you registered for the race or login via Facebook.) If you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for?  Register today!

2019's Fundraising Prizes

$25 - Rescue Run 5K Pint Glass

$75 - Rescue Run 5K running gloves (Winter is coming.)

$150 - Rescue Run 5K Fandana (it's like a multi-purpose head wrap!)

$250 - Monster Milers long-sleeve tech tee

$500 - Rescue Run 5K Headsweats brand visor

$750 - Zip-up Rescue Run 5K Jacket

$1000 - Gift Certificate to Philadelphia Runner ($50)

Fundraisers get every fundraising prize as you climb levels. Raise $500? You go home with five prizes.

2019's TOP Fundraiser Awards


Fundraising is hard!

Relax here if you're #1.

First Place

A weekend getaway at an Adirondack Cabin!

(30 minutes from Lake Placid)

+ Free entry to 2020's Race

+ 1 pie from The Night Kitchen Bakery + Cafe

Winner will receive a two-night stay during Nov, Dec, April or May!

This prize has been generously donated by one of our amazing volunteers.

Second Place

5 personal training sessions w/ BeWell with Beth

+ Free entry to 2020's Race

+ 1 pie from The Night Kitchen Bakery + Cafe

Beth Auguste MS RD CSOWM WFTS is a dietitian / fitness specialist based at Bok!

Third Place

45 minute massage (from Phila Massages)

+ Free entry to 2020's Race

+ 1 pie from The Night Kitchen Bakery + Cafe

Top Fundraising Team

Our top fundraising team will get their own tent at the finish line with snacks!

+ Team Captain will get TWO free entries to 2020's Race

Fundraising FAQ


How do I fundraise for the event?

Right after you you register for the race you’ll have the opportunity to set up your own personal fundraising page. You can make your very own appeal to send to family and friends to support you. Registered runners will be able to see who’s in the lead for fundraising from our registration page.   


How do I log into my fundraising page to edit it? (and/or I forgot my password.)

As long as you are registered, you will have a fundraising page automatically set up for you! Right after registering you should receive an email with the subject, “Your Fundraising Page has been created!” That will take you directly to your fundraising page to edit your photo, fundraising goal and your personal story. (If you didn’t do this right after registration.) But if you can’t find that email with the link, no worries. Just head back over to our registration page and click on the LOG IN button at the top right hand corner.  Simply supply the email address you used for registration.  Forgot your password?  No worries, it can be emailed to you in a snap by clicking on Forgot Password. More on managing your fundraising page can be found here.


Do I have to fundraise to register?
Absolutely not! But we encourage runners to set up fundraising pages to make your race count for more than just miles. If you’ve already registered, follow the instructions above to set up your personal page.  


What’s the difference between a Personal page and a Team Page?

A personal fundraising page is your own individual page.  If you join up with other individual fundraisers, you can create a team fundraising page that displays your collective total. Team set up is not necessary for fundraising.  Also, teams can be set up after registration. (See below for instructions on how to set up a Team Page after you’ve already registered.)



How do I join a team?

Easy! At the time of registration, simply click “Join a Team” for a list of already formed teams. Don’t see a team listed you want to join? Form one of your own by clicking "Create a team!" (See screenshot above!)

How do I set up a team?

When you register for the race you’ll have the option to set up a team for fundraising and camaraderie! Setting up a team is free with registration and you don't have to register for anyone but yourself during set up. If you want to set up a team, be sure to recruit your friends and co-workers. When they register, they’ll see your team name in the list and will easily be able to join your team. We will be awarding prizes for the teams that fundraise the most and the teams with the best outfits/costumes. Set up your team by clicking “Create a Team” at registration.   

How do I join or create a team if I’ve already registered?

Let me guess? One of your friends created a team AFTER you registered or you've decided running is more fun with friends? No worries, a registered racer can join OR form a team at any time from their individual fundraising page. Simply log back into your fundraising page, click on "Manage" at the top and then click on "Team Fundraising" and follow the prompts to chose a team or create a new one anytime after registration.

Click on the Team Fundraising Tab_edited

I’m a Team Captain. How do I email my team and/or edit our team page?

After you create a team fundraising page, you can edit its details and personalize the content. You can edit your "Team Story," post updates, change your fundraising goals and more. Learn how to edit your team page here.


How do I keep tabs of who is in the lead for fundraising?

Just head back to our official registration site. Totals will be listed in real time. Hopefully you’ll see your name (or your team's name) at the top!


When is it decided who wins in terms of the top three individual fundraising awards and team awards?

You can fundraise even after the race, however we need to run reports that morning to get prizes ready! The totals that we use are the amounts at midnight before there race. Whoever has raised the most by 12AM, the morning of the race, will go home with the top prizes.


Where do I pick up my prizes?   

On race morning there will be a dedicated table just for prize pick up near our registration table. Head to registration to get your shirt and bib, then go to the prize table to pick up your prizes. (If you’ve already grabbed your bib/shirt at packet pickup, you can head right to the prize table. ) Prizes MUST be picked up on race morning!  (We do NOT mail prizes or t-shirts if you do not come to the race.)

Someone gave me offline donations in the form or cash or check.  How do I add them to my total?

Awesome!  Make sure any checks are made out to The Monster Milers and bring them with you on race day. You will give them to the volunteers working at the prize table. Alternatively, if you would like the total to be reflected online (if you’re in the running for a fundraising prize) it’s probably best to mail checks to us before the race so we can add the offline donations to your totals. If you chose to mail donations in, do so no later than 7 days before the race and be sure to include your full name so we know who to apply the amount to!   

The Monster Milers

PO Box 63574

Philadelphia PA 19147


Helpful Hints:


Team vs Individual Donations:  If someone donates directly to the Team Page, the donation will count toward the Team donation total, but not toward an individual’s donation total. Be sure to send your personal page to friends and family if you want donations to count to your individual total donations. (When donations are made to individuals they count for the individual AND the Team. Donations made directly to the Team only count toward the Team Total.)


Get Social:  It’s never too late to set up a Team. So if you decide you want to form a team at anytime, go for it!  See above about “How to join a team if I’ve already registered” for instructions.


Spread the word:  Social media is a wonderful way to let friends and family know what you’re doing. But direct emails and calls are very effective too. The website has quick and easy share buttons to help you do this! Users can also chose vanity urls for easy-to-remember links.



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