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The Monster Milers


The Rescue Run 5K benefits The Monster Milers, Philadelphia's Shelter Dog Running Program! 

The Monster Milers are a 501c3 volunteer and rescue organization.  Our primary mission is to connect volunteer runners with shelter dogs.  We provide ongoing support for shelter facilities in Philly by organizing adoption events and daily running adventures for homeless dogs.   Our Lifesaving efforts save lives directly as we rescue dogs from Philadelphia’s intake shelter and place them in loving homes via our foster and adoption programs (on a hiatus but will be back!). 

Over 100 volunteer Philadelphia runners currently run dogs at the PAWS Adoption Center in Old City, the PAWS Wellness Clinic in Grays Ferry, the PAWS North East Clinic, ACCT (Animal Care and Control)  and at Street Tails Animal Rescue as “Monster Milers.”  We are rescue partners with ACCT Philly and will begin rescuing dogs directly again soon.  Join us!  We have been featured in national publications such as and Runner’s World.  Runners of all levels are invited to become a Monster Miler and foster homes are always needed.   Sneakers required.


Our organization's goals:

  • Save lives directly via our fostering and adoption programs.

  • Offer dogs in the Philadelphia shelters a form of regular, vigorous exercise via our daily volunteer efforts at our partner shelters

  • Cultivate a sense of calmness (through regular exercise) in the dogs at our partner shelters, to facilitate quicker adoptions

  • Attend annual running events and races to find loving homes for shelter dogs

  • Encourage runners to adopt dogs for safety, friendship, and motivation.

  • Recruit more volunteers for Philadelphia’s shelters, not only for running purposes

  • Increase public awareness about the plight of the 30,000+ homeless pets that enter Philadelphia’s animal shelters each year.


How YOU can help:


  • Volunteer to become a Monster Miler...

  • Open your home and become a Miler foster family...

  • Donate to keep our program running...

  • Register for The Rescue Run 5K - our award winning race!


For more information about getting involved with our organization, check our website.

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