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2019 Rescues Include

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Does your rescue or shelter want to get involved?

We have a limited number of spaces available for 501c3 rescues/shelters who would like to get involved on race day. Set up is completely free for rescues/shelters In order to take part in The Rescue Run rescues must commit to bringing TWO adoptable dogs to the race. This is an adoption event, not simply a chance to showcase your organization. Hundreds of animal lovers will be on-site on race day. It’s going to be a wonderful opportunity to increase awareness about your shelter/rescue, find forever homes for some lucky dogs, solicit donations and sign up potential volunteers/supporters! Let’s make this big! Please email us at if you would like to secure a rescue space on race day.


Guidelines for participating rescues:


A minimum of two dogs per rescue is required for Rescue Rally inclusion. Each dog must have a dedicated and experienced handler. (One handler per dog.) All dogs must be healthy and suitable for large crowds, loud noises, and possible interactions with other dogs. While we will require all dogs to be leashed, we cannot guarantee that all dogs will be kept separate. We ask that all dogs for adoption wear some sort of “Adopt Me” vest or bandana to let spectators and participants know that they are for adoption. Let’s find some forever homes!


No On-Site Adoptions:  In accordance with law, there will be no on-site adoptions. Be sure to bring shelter business cards, pre-adoption paperwork, brochures, etc, in case a special connection is made. We do not allow for adoptions to be done on-site (at the race), but each year numerous dogs find their forever home at the event. Make sure you give event spectators and participants an easy way to follow up on specific pups!  We get feedback in post race surveys that many participants came to the event looking for a new best friend. There WILL be potential adopters at the event. Make sure you’re ready for them and provide them with an easy way to follow up and/or fill out an adoption application. In past years runners have literally left the event, gone to shelters to finalize the adoption of dogs they met at the race.


Space:  A space will be provided large enough for a 10x10 tent, table, etc. Rescues are responsible for providing their own tent, table and chairs, etc. (In the event that we have extra chairs, we will notify rescues, but plan ahead in case we don’t!)


Rescues are permitted to solicit donations and sell merchandise. Make your space awesome and be sure to dedicate enough volunteers on race day to bring at least two adoptables. All rescues that are bringing dogs will need to provide a certificate of liability insurance with The Monster Milers named as additional insureds. (Just call your insurance company to get the proper documents!)


Email us today to secure your spot:

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